Saturday, May 20, 2006


The Catch Up

I really promised myself that i would do this, so will update more frequently!!

OK, I am going to do a run down of the past couple of weeks.

Firstly I'm really struggling with the change over to NHS, i think social workers are going to get really fucked over and have a big loss of identity with the management style of this system. The new "ethos" of mental health working is coming in way too fast, and with the heavy heavy paperwork for each person its getting to the point that the whole team are becoming "ill" with it.

We have been informed of yet another NHS audit, man big brother certainly is watching. I cannot get my head round blind statistical information on INDIVIDUAL HUMANS. We are being assessed team by team for performance, as are the surgerys regarding referrals. So basically teams are competing with each other for monthly NHS friendly statistics. As if we dont need any more pressure.

Right, now to me lol.

I have been struggling to catch up with my backlog of paperwork as well as take on new referrals for community and hospital, as well as my usual suspects. I have closed or put on hold to the team 5 people. I am learning to "let go" lol lol.

The staff team i work with are fantastic really, no subject is taboo and we have a great laugh in the office. The latest topic is a client with a horrific personality disorder who calls up to 10 times a day. He has been nicknamed Monsieur Wanker. I have been asked to go and boundary him and his behaviour - im looking forward to that.

Talking of personality disorders, there is a service deficiency here and it isnt really our remit, but i am finding myself becoming the expert on them and getting all these buggers lol. I deal with them short and sharp and give them the responsibility - I WILL NOT BE FUCKING BLACKMAILED YOU HEAR ME!

I have a lovely client who is really doing well, supported her back to college and regaining contact with her daughter after 3 years as well as empowering her to live independently. Man,its cases like these that really help you through the day, always a pleasure to visit and have a laugh.

Personally im trying to clear debts and stay cool. About to move house with my son and work keeps getting in the way with viewing house and having to stay late. Im definitely going to take some holiday soon to be with him. Feel like a neglecting bastard at times.

Thats it for today, will certainly keep up to date now :)



Monday, May 01, 2006


Bank Holiday

Well, i have had a suburban day - visited parents and grandparents with my son.

The problem is im dwelling on having to try and blag the fact i havent even started my PQ1 work after 6 months. I had a hard enough time doing the diploma and the thought of having to "apply theory" and get motivated to actually type something is very depressing for me.

I enjoyed completing my Dipsw, actually was a big achievement for me personally - now i just want to get on with the work, do the training days, but no more of this essay lark FFS!

Im not in work tomorrow on a training day, so back in Wednesday for the weekly meeting, and i think im visiting somebody. I must try and catch up on my paperwork too, my desk is in chaos. Shit, remembered that i have my PQ1 meeting Wed afternoon...........BOLLOCKS.

So tomorrow evening will be spent typing some awful shite, i actually fancy becoming a landscape gardner - the thoughts grow stronger in me.


Friday, April 28, 2006


The First Entry - Oooer


Its Friday, and man do i need to start this.

Boring day really, well until the afternoon - I had a call from a GP very concerned about a client that i was trying to get in touch with. She was telling me that she was worried about her mental state and that she was suggesting that she might be contemplating suicide...........

Fuck, this is at 3pm Friday as per norm. I spoke with my colleague who agreed with me about contacting the Crisis Team (Our team have had a few issues with them recently). So i agreed to refer the GP to them.

SURPRISE SURPRISE - hour later i get a call from the crisis team, refusing to see someone who hasnt been seen by ANYONE in the last 24 hours for fucks sake. I went through the situation that this client was new referral and no one was allocated and i hadnt been able to make contact.....Meanwhile a colleague was frantically searching the Crisis teams critieria for a get out clause, man it was on our side.

I speak back and forth, until i get to the manager who still insists that i contact the client/meet with them before calling - christ, she could already be dead etc.

Anyway i suggest rather politely for me that i am following their criteria for referral and maybe they need to be FLEXIBLE as we are not a crisis service.
Cutting a long story short i actually managed to make contact with the client and feel sort of satisfied she isnt going to pop her own rivets. I attempt to make contact with the GP who has already pissed off home.

I alert my manager to another potential complaint against our team.

On a high note for myself and juvenile humour, i stuck a note on the toilet door asking that people "give it 10 mins before use"

A very quiet day otherwise, looking at websites of old childrens tv.

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